First Update to "Kidnapped!", and Moving Foreward

2016-09-30 09:57:05 by zombiefy1






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First off, thanks to everyone who has left a review and played my game. Secondly, I have a small announcement. The first major update has been released to Kidnapped!. The game will now auto save at certain points in the game, and you can continue at a later point. I also added some main menu music and minor tweaks to the UI.


Moving Foreward

From here, I plan to increas the story by 7-10 more pages. I also plan to possibly add achievments and pictures(assuming I find an artist) to the game at some point, but thats not set in stone. As of right now, I am sort of inbetween 2 projects, neither of which are even half way done. One is a highly upgraded version of my text adventure game, and the other is a unique spin on the classic 'block breaker' game. I will post screen shots and progress updates when the time comes. :]



First Game Submitted!

2016-09-16 11:34:38 by zombiefy1

Kidnapped Logo




Many more to come!


My first completed game is now submitted to Newgrounds. *phew* I know the game is very short, and lacking visuals, but it's more or less a trial run and learning process. As I type this, I am gearing up for a new project. I will give details as to what the subject matter will be as I get past the concept portion of game design.


As to what the future holds for this project, I will add Newgrounds achievements within a week. I may do a sequel, depending on the status of other projects and the success of Kidnapped!.





Finally, My First Game

2016-09-14 08:46:34 by zombiefy1

After finishing college and having the free time to learn programming in depth,(sort of) I am finally nearing completion of my first game.

Game Pic

Yes, this is Unity.


       I have always been fascinated with games and reading, so naturally, Text Adventure games were one of my favorite genres. This game in particular is also a text adventure game. Sure it's a bit lacking in style and flash, but its still a game, and my first game at that. This first game is mainly for experience. I plan to release more text adventure games in the future with more features and better quality. Stay tuned for better shit is what I mean. :]